Expert tips to prevent plumbing problems

As for instance the Bay Area’s rainy season approaches, taking preventive measures before plumbing issues explode can be a great money saver in the long run for homeowners. After all, no one wants to call a plumber in the middle of the night, on a weekend or a holiday, or while hosting an elegant soiree.

Regardless of whether it’s cleaning out the pipes before a family gathering, checking your home’s water pressure level, or replacing an older, inefficient hot water heater, the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Francisco and surrounding areas have a fix for your plumbing problems.

“Now is a great time to take care of your pipes before they wreak havoc,’’ said Stan Pomichter, co-owner with wife, Michelle. “Preventive maintenance is less costly in the long run along with the inconvenience that comes with a plumbing problem that could have been avoided.

“We advocate our drain-cleaning service before the rainy season,” he said. “The storm drains go into the sewer and no one desires that to back up in to the house — or the kitchen lines to be backed up during your holiday dinner or special occasion.”

Property owners should also consider replacing existing hot water heaters, especially those more than six to eight years old, he said, to

According to industry experts, waiting too long to switch out a failing water tank can result in costly water damage to a home with the average cost of $4,444 per incident after the deductible is paid.

“An older system will get rustic, sediment can come through the pipes and hot water can be slower to come out,” Stan said.

“More significantly, today’s hot h2o heaters are a more efficient option such because tankless water systems, which will cost homeowners less money to operate while providing plenty of hot water on demand.”

Nearly seventy percent of all water heater failures result in a slow drip or a sudden burst. Mr. Rooter Plumbing can assess your current water hot-water heater condition and make the best recommendations for your needs and offers hot water tank system replacement among their many services, along with one of the best guarantees in the business.